experiencing a moment of increased awareness

vrijdag 18 december, 2009

A slideshow of 13 images on the Black Snapper website.

The first two are new and not shown before.


The Black Snapper is an online magazine for talented photographers from all over the world

The Black Snapper magazine website presents a new artist every day, in a dedicated slideshow comprising up to twenty images. Weekly selections are made by guest curators. A worldwide community of photography professionals and experts supports the project. The Black Snapper is a showcase for photography talent from around the world. Our basic philosophy is to utilize the dynamism of the internet to facilitate the presentation and hopefully the discovery of talented photographers. One of the primary aims of this magazine website is to support the emancipation and promotion of photography from Africa, Asia and South America.The diversity of guest curators makes the selection process more objective; there will not be a single person whose individual taste and preferences dominate the content and guest editors are invited to discuss their motivation behind their selection. A list of guest curators is published on our archives page.

 The Black Snapper aims to inspire photography professionals and photography enthusiasts worldwide and to be instrumental in the development of contemporary photography.


5 Responses to “experiencing a moment of increased awareness”

  1. bruno Says:

    Volledig verdiend!

  2. proficiat! Ook mooie selectie gemaakt trouwens.

  3. Fréderic Says:

    de link leidt mij naar Bloglines, ik geraak niet in Archive

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