EXPO_ Jeff Wall @ Bozar

woensdag 1 juni, 2011

Sometimes I get the remark “why in B&W – it does not reflect the exhibition”. Exactly! When showing you images of exhibitions, i try to tease you: showing you some things, but leaving enough open so that those who still have to visit the exhibition will still be surprised. I hate it when images show everything and then in the real world you say “aha, seen that online”. That’s my way of making publicity for something and at the same time be respectful for the organisers of the exhibition.

Now back to the Jeff Wall expo at Bozar, Brussels. I was there at the opening (vernissage). At first I was a bit dissapointed. The positioning of the works did not really give enough air to the majestic images and their presentation. But two hours later, when most of the visitors were gone, empty rooms were my luck.

I had to change my mind. Waw! I really enjoyed it. It was the first time in my life that I got to see a Jeff Wall in real. The lightbox presentation is stunning. The images shown are all very known, but what a difference with the reproductions in books.  Only the last room, with the inkjet prints and the falling boy did not convince me. 

Oh, and there are also some lovely Stephen Shores, and some wonderful Diane Arbus, and a Struth, …

Plenty of things to see! A must see! Even if you are not crazy about Jeff Wall, you have to take this opportunity to visit this exhibtion. You just have to.

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the horizontal and vertical cuts in his images.

But i rest my case: the Bozar is not the best place to exhibit his work.


One Response to “EXPO_ Jeff Wall @ Bozar”

  1. Sadrebel Says:

    Merci om te denken aan degene die nog willen gaan!
    Ik heb ook nog nooit een Wall in het echt gezien, best gaan dus als er niet te veel vollek is (is dat niet altijd zo?).

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