EXPO_In de marge @ Museum Dr.Guislain Gent

donderdag 2 juni, 2011

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Carl, John, Harry and their washing machine. (click for larger image)

Tuesday I attended a conversation with three Belgian Magnum photographers Carl De Keyzer, John Vink and Harry Gruyaert.

Carl always has an interesting vision on photography and he has a good sense of humour. As does John. Happy to have been there, and good to get to catch a glimpse of three different characters, but if you weren’t there, you didn’t miss anything either.

After the conversation there was time for a tour through the exhibition. Now that was really worth it. A nice sober lay-out. Much attention to detail. Kaat De Jonghe and Bart Marius (a.o.) did a really good job.

What is there to see? Plenty of mostly traditional b&w photography. All made by Belgian photographers!

My favourites: Gert Jochems (even though I prefer him in solo exhibitions where he is great in setting the atmosphere), Viviane Joakim (how ‘simple’ yet very effective to me) and Tim Dirven (known, as usual).  I also liked Jimmy’s portrait of his father. And of course Stephan’s known wonderful ‘Etienne’ (again very simple but oh so to the point).

There is even a footbal game showing. (oh, and you see it is not difficult to make a Sugimoto :))

An exhibition you have to see, at least because of the fact that it is very high level photography (mainly reportage) and that you get an overview of the Belgian quality!  What is the exhibition lacking? New work. There were no surprises. Only Viviane Joakim was new to me. All other images I had already seen somewhere else. But that is partly compensated by the lovely location.

One of my favourite Belgian photographers: Gert Jochems. Check out his website, even though it is not the best representation of his work.

All information can be found: here. Interview with the three Magnums: here. Video.



2 Responses to “EXPO_In de marge @ Museum Dr.Guislain Gent”

  1. nyklyn Says:

    Was er graag bijgeweest. Het boek lijkt me ook wel super. Mss haal ik wel de photolimits expo in brugge.

  2. Hannes Says:

    Bieker Depoortere had nieuw werk uithangen!

    De moeite inderdaad, maar niets echt nieuw gezien!


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