Announcement – Yearly Expo Photolimits: There ain’t no such thing as a free image.

maandag 6 juni, 2011

 In this group exhibtion, I will be showing one  ompletely new image. Not seen before: not in a magazine, not in a book, not even online!  (and i have seen the print, a lambdaprint, looks very good – Dimensions: 87x90cm. Diasec. Mmmmm!

And we have an action: BUY ONE PRINT – GET NINE POSTERS FOR FREE! Look at it as an investment in young photographers! (*)

During the opening on 12th of june the introduction will be held by our most affective and interesting Michiel Hendryckx!

Participating photographers are all member of Photolimits: Dieter De Lathauwer (that’s me), Bernard Onderdonck, Titus Simoens, RRonny Smedts, Danny Veys, Franky Verdickt, Johannes Marcus Vandevoorde, Wouter Van Vaerenbergh and Frederic Vanwalleghem.

44gallery is very cosy, nice and in the centre of Brugge, but also a bit small. We will be showing one image per photographer. It will be large photographs (at least 80cm wide).

(*) AND to make your journey even more worthwile, we will distribute free images. Some will be the same as the ones exposed, others will be different. Availability is limited and distribution will take place during the exhibition (not all at once  during the opening! ) The initial goal was to offset them on very thin paper to vulgarise them, but eventuall the quality and used paper turned out to be of high quality!

 Place and time: 44GalleryBrugge,Belgium. From 11/6 until 3/7/2011. Every friday, saturday and sunday.

Photolimits @ facebook: here  (become our 2720th fan 🙂 // Photolimits website: here // Expo @ facebook: here


One Response to “Announcement – Yearly Expo Photolimits: There ain’t no such thing as a free image.”

  1. frederikbeyens Says:

    probeer er te geraken! benieuwd #alles!

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