I loved my wife – book & expo

maandag 6 februari, 2017


I show my new work “I loved my wife (killing children is good for the economy)” in a lovely exhibition space at the Botanique, Brussels.

This is also the launch of my new book, published by Lecturis. It will be a real gem!
The prototype won the Unseen Dummy Award 2016 in Amsterdam, was shortlisted in Kassel, got a jury recommendation in Barcelona and was finalist in Riga.

The opening of the exhibition is on the 1st of march 2017, from 18h00 until 21h00. Everyone is welcome! Free entrance!

If you are curious for how i will present the works, come and see. I will be there answer your questions and sign books!

The other exhibition at Botanique is the great Carl De Keyzer, magnum photographer, showing his two series Before the flood and Higher Ground.

You can visit the exhibition from 2nd of march until 2nd of april, every day except monday and tuesday from 12h00 until 20h00, free entrance.

Rue Royale 236
1210 Brussels




Last week I had my prints proofed by Milo Profi, Kontich. http://www.milo-profi.be


  (click pic for a larger version – worth it ; click “Lees meer” for more information)



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Het einde van de reeks Vienna is in zicht. Aangezien het  mijn hiep-hiep-hoera-maal-dertig-dag is vandaag krijgen jullie ze allemaal ineens! ’t Zijn niet mijn beste, maar ik vind ze wel iets hebben (anders zou kritische ik ze niet online gooien 🙂   Als je liever één per keer hebt, dan kom je maar vier dagen na elkaar deze site bezoeken :o)

Best op de foto’s klikken voor een grotere versie want ze zijn gemaakt met ‘groot’ in het achterhoofd.

The end of the Vienna series is near. And as it is my kiss-kiss-kiss-times-ten-day is today I post them all at once! Not my best, but i quite like them myself (otherwise critical me wouldn’t throw them online 🙂

And if 4 in a row is too much, feel free to spread your visits in time :o)

 I advise to click once on them so you get a larger version as that’s what i had in mind when taking them (medium format camera)










46.minute Einwurf!






PS. sinds kort heb ik eindelijk ook een flickr-account

PS. recently i also created a flickr-account

Come to daddy…

vrijdag 20 juni, 2008

(click pic for a larger version – recommended :o)




(click pic for big version)



maandag 9 juni, 2008

(click on the image for a larger image)






(click on the image for a larger version)



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